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Regaining Confidence - Overcoming Self-Doubt

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

The opposite of self-doubt is confidence. How would your life change if you lived with more confidence and less self-doubt?

The Confident Man

He would be a man present for his bride in ways she has never experienced. His fathering could be taken to the next level as his children see in him someone solid as a rock and at the same time gentle enough to run to and snuggle in his lap.

When it comes to interaction at work, people would turn to him for the support and help they know he possesses. Even if he lacks experience, his confidence can carry the day because he does not doubt his abilities and that he has what it takes to get the job done.

He takes responsibility seriously and is loyal to those around him. If he has a boss, he shows up for him. If he owns a business, he learns to serve from a place of humility and competence.

His bride experiences, not a man who doesn’t know how to handle her heart and her sexual and emotional needs, but can gently and with confidence approach her, touch her and creatively please her and make her feel like there is no other person on the planet who means more than she does.

How to Have More Confidence

The obvious first answer is to quit consuming pornography. As long as a guy dilutes his manhood (and thus his ability to be confident), any show of confidence is exactly that: a show. Not the real thing.

Second, experiment. Take some risk. See life as a series of often small, sometimes bigger risks of experimentation. Here are a few examples of experimental risk?

  • Say, “I love you” before she does

  • Set a reminder in your phone to tell your bride she’s beautiful on a regular (hint: she needs this)

  • Sweep your child(ren) off to an unexpected adventure with just dad

  • Shake hands firmly and look the person in the eye

  • Create a group for men to be themselves in a safe environment

Do these sound over-the-top risky? What else you are willing to experiment with?

Self-doubt has killed more dreams than any failure could. I wonder how many marriages never happened because of self-doubt? Or, the business that never got off the ground because he doubted his ability to get it done?

Another benefit of experimenting is to see where the self-doubt originates. The journey I have been on to create my coaching business for men has shown me like nothing else, where my self-doubt lies. And as I experiment with how to reach more people, my self-doubt is slowly being chipped away.

If self-doubt plagues you, let’s have a conversation. At the very least schedule a free 30 minute Restoration Session with me and we can begin exploring this for your life.

With blessings on the journey,


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