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Coaching men who want a better life with deeper relationships.

Most men who consume pornography have superficial relationships. With Men Restored Coaching, you will move from the superficial to flourishing relationships.

After your free Restoration Session, you will begin to see the possibilities of life without pornography. 

It is a safe and confidential half an hour of focused you-time where you will walk away with one or two action steps toward a life free of pornography. 

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Hope Grows When It's the Darkest

Restoration begins beneath the surface.

You’re here because your life is in need of restoration. You feel trapped in an unbreakable habit or even addiction. 

Hope has its origins when it’s the darkest and a seed sees no daylight at first, but there is life in it. 

It’s not hopeless. It’s a promise. 

Professional Coaching You Can Trust

My professional coaching helps nurture that seed,

even in its darkest place.


I believe you are just getting started. 

You have an amazing future - it may be just out of sight.


My job is to help you get there. 


Years as a hospital chaplain has given me the ability to quickly gain the trust of thousands of vulnerable people.


Certification as a life coach has sharpened my skills to help

get you where you want to go. 

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