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One-on-One Coaching

This is by far the most customized, flexible, and personal of my coaching. We will ​work together over a 3-6 month timeframe and I will help you go from ashamed and hiding a secret to honest and faithful. Including never worrying if someone grabbed your phone! 

You may think it's your fault you are surrounded by temptation. It's not. But it is your problem. 

You want control over your pornography habit. You want to be the authentic husband your bride can count on. 

You don't have to feel trapped in an unbreakable habit no one knows about. You can be restored. 

And I love helping you get there. Why? Because I have been where you are and know how to get out of the trap. 
We will meet three times a month, more if needed and we can agree on a plan we both commit to.
Click here to schedule your safe and confidential 30-minute    Restoration Session and we will begin the conversation.   

$500 per month

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