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Thank you for checking out my page for churches. I wish this page didn’t need to exist. I wish there weren’t an average of 64% of your men consuming pornography at least once a month. I also wish 1 in 7 senior pastors wouldn’t be consuming pornography!


I also wish more churches would do something about it because the same research cited above reveals that only 7 percent of all churches in the U.S. have any plan to deal with the scourge that is pornography in our world and confronting the church.


Here is my small effort to do something about it. I am a certified life coach, former pastor, and hospital chaplain and I have a passion to finish my life serving the men of the church, the church’s leaders, and most importantly God, to help more men find freedom from the bondage of consuming pornography.


I was recording one of the last episodes of my podcast, Free Indeed, with my good friend and brother in the fight, Kirk M. Samuels. We were interviewing a pastor after having finished presenting Kirk’s class with the same name. He said one week when he and his elders were walking down an aisle of the church to the front so worship could start, he glanced over the shoulder of a man who – get this – was looking at pornography while sitting in the pew!

That man is one of who knows how many in the church, enslaved. And who is going to help this man see not only that he is enslaved, but a way out? I do hope you are doing something, but if the research is true, there is a more than 90 percent chance your church is not.


Do these statements sound anything like your experience or what you have observed in your church?


  • Preaching and teaching on sexual purity feels almost hypocritical and even futile.

  • Trying to appeal to younger men who see pornography as “normal” feels impossible.

  • Men have come to you seeking a way out and besides listening and praying (very important!), you feel a sense of helplessness or overwhelm.

  • Frustrated and angry wives or girlfriends also come to you, and you feel the same things.

  • Couples have sat in your office, both expressing deep frustration that he either cannot or will not stop.

  • You as a church leader are enslaved yourself, and you believe you have nowhere safe to turn.


I have been there! I may not have sat in the intense counseling sessions you may have, but I have talked to both husbands who want to quit and wives who need them to.


The two most important places I start with men are these: (1) You are not alone and (2) Shame does not need to have so much power over you. See my video above for more on those.


Also, as noted in the video, I am not here to ask you for money. However, I strongly encourage you (demand may be too strong a word), to pray about the value you see in what I have to offer and bring to your church. Don’t make a quick decision. Take the time and ask God!


Let’s advance God’s kingdom together.


Let’s get the men of your church to where God wants them!

Email me. Call or text me. Set up an appointment with me and we can meet on Zoom. I'm looking forward to working with you. 

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